Deliver a buyer experience that wins deals

Untangle your process with modern, easy-to-follow digital journeys
designed to delight you and your buyers.

Loved by a new generation of sellers

Buyer enablement is the next thing in B2B sales.

It's time you make it easy for others to buy from you.

Gartner says 80% B2B buyers thought their last purchase was difficult.
Here is your chance to stand out.

All going digital

A coffee chat? No more. By 2025, 80% of B2B interactions will happen in digital channels.

Seller free

44% of B2B buyers desire a seller-free experience. Digital experiences tip the scales.

Emails don’t engage

Emails are the new notifications. No room for storytelling or engagement in the noisy inbox.

Too many to align

Today’s buyers are getting more risk-averse. An average deal needs sign-off from 8 stakeholders.


De-clutter the mess

Does "email ping pong" ring a bell?

Your prospects are spending less time in their inbox. Attaching multiple materials, and describing all in a long email body don't help.

It's time you build that engagement in a new medium.

of sales email attachments are opened
decline on email response rates
Easy as 1 2 3.

Creating a flow is as easy as writing an email


Create effortlessly

Simply type, drag & drop or copy & paste. Add PDFs, links, videos, action plans, forms, e-signature links and more.

Share with one link

All materials unified in one single custom-branded link. It’s a living & breathing, collaborative space to build alignment with your buyers.

Track results & engagement

Identify who your stakeholders are and what they are interested in. Get instant notifications when they engage, and know exactly when to follow up.


Flowla integrates seamlessly with your current stack

Add content from your favourite tools, from Loom videos to DocuSign links...

Create flows, view insights, and manage conversations from inside your CRM

How it works?

From cold outreach to onboarding clients

A seamless and polished experience for your buyers,
efficiency and speed for your team.

Book more meetings

Easily nurture your prospects with a sleek & attractive flow, and move them to the next step.

How does Flowla help with cold outreach? >

Close deals 45% faster

Unify all the documents, actions and decision makers  & shorten your sales cycles.

Explore how others close deals with Flowla >

Onboard seamlessly

Create seamless and easy-to-follow onboarding journeys for your new customers.

How can I onboard customers with a flow? >

Fine-tuned for
modern sellers' needs

Instant notifications

Never miss a single activity. Receive emails & Slack updates, and follow up just in time to move deals toward closing.

Comments and reactions

Unite your conversations. Easily communicate with prospects & discuss the materials and actions right on Flowla.

Mobile optimised

The same easy & polished experience, no matter the device. You and your prospects can work on deals on-the-go.

Photo of a woman against a light green background.
"My prospects love Flowla! It’s transparent and is just a much better way to review information compared to a long email."

Jeannine Jure

Account Executive

“I can now visualize the sales process for my customers step-by-step, which speeds up follow ups and closing.”

Joud Ghazal

Account Executive

Photo of a man with a light green background.
“Flowla is so easy to use. It took me 5 minutes to create a flow and I already booked several meetings. It's powerful.”

Basile Rousseau

Business Development Rep.

"I get a lot more positive responses to cold outreach. It helped me hit my target despite the December slump."

Jennis Ferras-De Souza

International Expansion Consultant

“Flowla's insights help me understand which deals we should concentrate our energy on. I can guide my team better.”

Bahar Gunes Scigaj

Co-founder at TalentGrid

"Our new customers rave about how smooth and easy the onboarding process is with Flowla. They love having everything in a single place. It’s absolutely flawless!"

Osman Koc

Co-Founder + CEO

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