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Curate your onboarding content & project plans in one interactive link.
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See it in real life

An interactive product guide that makes users go WOW!

"There is a need for a better, more dynamic, and seamless way to handle customer collaboration.

Flowla is exactly that."

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"Flowla just allowed me to do the thing that I needed to do in that moment, step-by-step.

It's a fantastic new way of organizing content and I love, love, love it!"

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"Flows are like a recipe that we follow together with our clients to reach our shared goal of success."

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"You can build integrations, your workflows, integrate any other SaaS tool you use - there is so much flexibility.

It can grow with your business."

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Create and share custom success plans on autopilot

1. Automatically create flow links

We map to your existing workflow & data to create a personalized flow when:

- A new deal is won in your CRM
- New meeting booked
- New user signed up

or anything else.

Design showcasing the automated flow creation process & triggers.

2. One magic link for each customer

Transform all curated product resources & action plans into one interactive journey.

Send the link in your existing messaging thread, or simply have it added to your client's dashboard inside your product.

Design showcasing how flows can be added inside your product.

3. Get weekly AI summaries and & know exactly what requires your attention

Always know the answer to the question “Where do we stand with that company?”.

Keep track of all internal & external activity, and view actionable insights.

Design showcasing Flowla's reports & tracking capabilities.

Turn clunky spreadsheets and
a million documents into
one interactive onboarding journey.

The ultimate toolkit to handhold customers towards success

Here are the 4 main features that come with Flowla Onboard.

Handle all complexity with Gantt charts

Got a complex & high touch process to run?

Have Flowla handle it for you, and enable better client collaboration.

Explore Flowla Onboard ->
Design highlighting Gantt Chart view of flows.

Hold buyers accountable too!

When all your process management tools are internal, it's hard to empower buyers to move things forward.

Have your action plans client facing. Build transparency and hold prospects accountable.

Request access ->
Hold clients accountable with assignees, due dates, and email & Slack notifications.

Collect data and documents with ease

Use Flowla forms to collect information & documents and instantly feed all into your CRM.

Join the waitlist ->
Collect data on Flowla forms, then send the information to your CRM automatically.

Have buyer actions update your CRM in real time

Don’t rely on client convos or your team’s notes.

Have real-time data on your clients’ processes, without lifting a finger.

Join the waitlist ->
Design showing the automated CRM updates.

Need one last proof to tip the scales?

Last but not least...
We have many, many happy users who love Flowla!

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Photos of Erdem & Alper.
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Photos of Erdem & Alper.

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