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Streamline your sales process with a digital sales room designed to move your deals forward. Collaborate with your clients as if you’re in the same room, and stop losing winnable deals.

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Who should use this template?

Account executives, sales team leaders, and anyone involved in sales processes who struggle to drive processes forward smoothly due to misalignments, miscommunication, and other frictions in the sales journey.

What’s the purpose of this template?

This template is designed to provide a single space - a digital sales room - that unites your entire process to facilitate communication and collaboration with your clients, as if you’re literally in the same room with them.

It organizes the process step-by-step so your customers know what to expect and move through actions more easily, and increases efficiency by ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Why should you use this digital sales room template?

Losing perfectly winnable deals due to miscommunication and certain inefficiencies in the sales process is a huge loss of opportunity for any business.

We designed this template to streamline the entire buying journey for your customers, and make it as frictionless as possible, so you don’t lose them along the way.

It’s very comprehensive to cover all your needs during a sales process, from the very first touch, all the way to onboarding.

Let’s explore all the ways it can help you close 35% more deals.

Create a frictionless buying process

Confused customers don’t purchase. With more and more businesses being risk-averse regarding buying decisions, it’s crucial to eliminate all doubts in their minds and provide transparency about what the process is going to look like - and then make it easier to take action.

With Flowla’s digital sales room template you can:

  • Create a step-by-step overview of the process so they know what to anticipate
  • Unite all of the resources they will need throughout the buying process
  • Create a single source of truth so they can easily find and discuss critical materials
  • Provide an easy-to-navigate and stress-free buying experience.
Move deals forward

The most significant element of this template is the Mutual Action Plan. It’s designed to create clarity around the actions that need to be taken towards closing, and speed up your deal cycles.

With the Mutual Action Plan in this template you can:

  • Break down the entire process into more actionable steps
  • Assign task owners & hold everyone accountable
  • Set due dates to structure the process
  • Make sure deadlines are honored with notifications
  • Track progress efficiently.
Communicate more easily

Digital sales rooms work perfectly when you want to avoid misalignments that can throw your processes off track. You don’t need to jump on a million calls to keep everyone updated and on board. With flows, you can:

  • Get on the same page with everyone & build consensus
  • Easily multi thread with multiple stakeholders
  • Keep everyone looped in regarding decisions, actions, and progress
  • Unite all conversations in one place to refer back to when needed.

How can a digital sales room benefit your business?

Digital sales rooms can provide numerous benefits to your business, especially if you are involved in complex B2B sales or high-value transactions.

Here are a few of the most important ways a virtual sales room can help your business:

Enhanced Customer Engagement 🤝

Digital sales rooms provide a much more interactive environment for your customers than emails or Google Drive links. You can engage with your customers more effectively - almost as if you were in the same room with them.

You can showcase your products or services with multimedia content, presentations, and other dynamic resources, making it easier for you to grab your buyers’ attention & involve them in the process.

Quicker Sales Cycles 💨

By uniting all the resources & actions in one place, virtual sales rooms can expedite your processes.

Customers and prospects can access the information anytime they need, and make decisions & take the necessary actions a lot faster, reducing the time it takes them to move through the sales funnel.

Data Insights 🔍

Digital sales rooms provide analytics and reporting tools that allow you to track user behavior and engagement.

With this data, you can follow up at exactly the right time with your prospects to drive action, see what resonates with your prospects and refine your sales strategy accordingly, and in general make more informed decisions.

Scalability 📈

As your business grows and your sales process evolves, a digital sales room can easily scale to accommodate more customers, products, and transactions without significant infrastructure changes.

Furthermore, with templates like this one, your team can copy virtual sales rooms to replicate their processes, and handle a larger volume of deals with ease.

Competitive Advantage ⭐️

Adopting digital sales room technology that puts buyers’ experience and convenience first can give your business a significant competitive edge against similar solutions.

It demonstrates your commitment to innovation and providing a modern, beautiful experience for your customers, which might generate new leads for you.

Is this template right for my business?

You might be wondering whether it makes sense for your business to employ virtual sales rooms in your sales processes.

While digital sales rooms can benefit a wide range of businesses, they are particularly well-suited to companies whose processes meet a few criteria. 

Complex Sales Processes: Businesses with lengthy or intricate sales cycles which involve multiple stakeholders and call for extensive sharing of information and collaboration.

High-Value Transactions: If your business deals with high-value products or services, or sells high-ticket items in general, a digital sales room can help you communicate and build value more easily.

Information-Heavy Processes: Businesses that rely heavily on sharing detailed information, documents, specifications, or data with clients, and need to centralize them.

Innovation Focus: Companies that want to demonstrate their commitment to innovation and modern technology can adopt digital sales rooms as a forward-looking solution to wow buyers.

Need for Collaboration: Businesses and processes that require active collaboration between buyers & sellers, as well as internal teams.

Personalization in Mind: If your business benefits from tailoring your offerings to individual customer needs and preferences, a virtual sales room that can be easily customized can help you personalize your content and solutions with little effort on your part.

If your processes meet 2 or more of the criteria above, incorporating a digital sales room into your process can significantly shorten your deal cycles and help you provide a more buyer-friendly experience.

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