Content Management

Make it easier to create & manage your content, track
its performance, and improve your sales processes.

A single platform to
unite all your materials

Create content right on Flowla

Flowla lets you create assets ranging from videos and meeting summaries, to FAQs and mutual action plans.

Organize your assets

Embed your favorite materials from other tools, and store them in the asset library.
Organize them easily with folder & tags.

Share content with a few clicks

Easily distribute content across your team.
Your teammates can start creating flows with the new assets right away.

Deliver value faster

The asset library is searchable, and keeps your content organized with folders & tags.

Easily build flows and send them in minutes.

Manage everything from a single place

When an asset is updated, all the flows that include it get the latest version.

Ensure hundreds have the most relevant information with a few clicks.

Track & improve how you sell

See in which flows a content is used, and how it performs at a glance.

Improve your sales processes with actionable data.


Don't interrupt
your flow

Flowla is seamlessly integrated with your favorite tools to host your existing content.

Keep your current materials & improve your sales process without a hitch.

You are in excellent company

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