Flowla AI

Harness the power of AI to instantly build unique, inspiring flows. Skip the repetitive parts & focus on engaging with your customers.


Spend your time on what matters

Flowla AI builds you custom flows from scratch with text content already filled, and the design pulled from your customers’ website.

Skip the tedious bits & create optimal flows with ease.
Spend your time on more important tasks, like engaging with your customers.


Have more room for creativity

Think of Flowla AI as your inspiration buddy. It builds unique templates & content for you every single time.

Get inspired to unleash your creative genius, and work on personalizing & perfecting your message while the rest is handled for you.

You are in excellent company

How does it work?

Start with your website

Flowla AI pulls information from your website to automatically generate a blurb about your business.

Choose your target company

Flowla AI automatically changes the flow colors & layout in accordance with your target company for a more personalized look.

Select a use case

Select whether you want a flow for cold outreach or onboarding. Feel free to include additional requests in the description box.

Get creative!

With a brand new flow template created & pre-filled for you, focus on the more creative aspects.

Update the provided text with relevant details, personalize it further for your target company, or work on adding unique materials.


Don't interrupt your flow

Flowla is seamlessly integrated with your favorite tools to host different content types.

Embed materials from a range of platforms. Customize and enrich your flows with thousands of possibilities.

Ready to start creating?

Your first 5 flows are free. No credit cards, no commitments.