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Flowla's Digital Sales Rooms give you a single, unified space to manage your client-facing processes with ease, from start to finish.

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Still using spreadsheets and email threads
to close deals and onboard?
Save yourself & your customers the hassle.
Manage it all in a flow.

Step 1

Create a custom link

A Flowla deal room - a flow - is a private link between you and your clients.

We automatically customize it with your client’s branding for a personal touch.

Screenshot of an example flow.
Step 2

Add any resource your buyer needs

A flow gives your clients a convenient, unified space to find all the relevant materials.

You can embed pretty much anything to a flow - PDFs, videos, slides, Calendly links, forms, DocuSign contracts, and even pages from your website!

What can I add to a flow? ->

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Step 3

Set up action items

You can create sales & onboarding checklists for every stage of your process, then:

- assign task owners
- set due dates
- put relevant resources inside the task.

Your teammates and clients can then complete the tasks to move processes forward.

Image showing the mutual action plan part of a flow.
Step 4

Share with clients

Flows are collaborative spaces. After it’s ready, all you need to do is share it with your clients and whoever else is involved in the process.

You can also password gate the flows for extra security.

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Help your champion sell you internally

You can’t be in the room when a decision is made, but a flow can!

Craft the perfect narrative for each account, and ensure the correct information is circulating within the buyer organization.

Empower your champion with all the supporting materials they need to advocate for you.

How can sellers use Flowla? ->
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Image showing the insights feature of Flowla.

Perfect your process with next-level revenue intelligence

Flow insights help you spot hidden decision makers by showing you everyone who’s viewing your flows.

You can also see which steps your clients engage with the most, where the processes bottleneck, and so much more to optimize your sales process.

Explore Revenue Intelligence ->

When can I use a
Digital Sales Room?

You can use flows when closing deals, onboading clients, and for any other client-facing process that's complex and needs project management.

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Closing deals

Create a single source of truth for buyers in one link, and collaborate with them towards closing. Speed up deal cycles and boost win rates by 34%.

A flow with flow steps highligted.

Onboarding clients

Onboard faster and reduce churn with a single resource hub and easy-to-follow onboarding checklists. Make an excellent first impression your clients will love.

Seamlessly fits into your stack

Image depicting the Salesforce integration.Image depicting the HubSpot integration.

Take your sales & onboarding processes to the next level.

Your first 5 flows are free. No credit cards, no commitments.

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