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UserGuiding having a 34% increase in closed won deals with Flowla.

UserGuiding Increased Their Close Rates by 34%

Explore how the UserGuiding team have been able to unite everyone & everything in their sales processes, and close 34% more deals with Flowla.

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Hiresweet closing 1.6x more deals with Flowla.

Hiresweet is closing 1.6x more deals with Flowla

Hiresweet leader Mathieu Marseille implemented his playbook, streamlined his team's process, and started to close 1.6x more deals with Flowla.

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Screenshot of a G2 review.
Screenshot of a Flowla testimonial.
Screenshot of a text message from a happy Flowla client.
Screenshot of a Capterra review of Flowla.
Screenshot of a Flowla testimonial.
Screenshot of a LinkedIn post about Flowla.
Screenshot of a G2 review.
Screenshot of a text message from a happy Flowla customer.
Screenshot of a G2 review.
Screenshot of a LinkedIn post about Flowla.
Screenshot of a G2 review.
Screenshot of an email from a happy Flowla user.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Flowla safe?

Yes. Flowla was built with your and your customers’ privacy in mind. We follow all data collection and compliance guidelines, and are compliant with the GDPR, UK GDPR, PECR, and CCPA.

You can reach our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Data Processing Agreement, as well as our data compliance memo from this flow, and share it with your team.

Can I use Flowla for free forever?

Absolutely! Our freemium model limits usage with the number of flows - not with time. Therefore, if your organization only needs 5 flows or less, Flowla will be free for you, forever.

Can I cancel anytime?

If you are on a monthly paid plan, we will charge you month-to-month. You can cancel your Flowla subscription anytime with no additional costs, and restart it again whenever you need it. You are not tied to any long-term commitments.

How do I upgrade my plan?

Once you reach your 5-flow limit on the free plan, we will let you know via email and within your Flowla dashboard.

You can easily upgrade your plan on your own in just a few seconds with secure Stripe checkout.

If you have several seats and want to upgrade them all, you can always book a call with us to talk.

What is a flow?

A flow is a client facing workspace used for sales and onboarding. You can think of each flow as a single private link that unifies all your materials, actions, and stakeholders. Here's an example flow to give you an idea.

Each flow is ideally used to manage only one process, or a number of processes with just one customer.

There is no limit to the stages or steps that a flow can include.

Image demonstrating the difference between a flow, a stage, and a step.
Why do you charge per seat instead of number of flows?

There should be no cap to your team's productivity. Your team members can create as many flows as they need to manage their processes effectively on Flowla.

That's why we only charge per seat. That way, your entire team can collaborate on flows and shared materials & assets, while they also have the freedom to handle their processes however they want.

Do I have to pay for all of the seats on my team?

No! You only pay for the flow creators on your Flowla team.

When adding new team members, you can invite them as viewer-only. They will still see all of your content, but won't be able to create or edit flows. Viewer-only seats are excluded from billing.

Screenshot from the user invite panel.
Does Flowla integrate with other tools on my stack?

Yes. Flowla integrates seamlessly with your CRM, like HubSpot and Salesforce, and hosts materials from Loom, DocuSign, Calendly, Canva, Figma, and many many other environments.

You can also choose to upload your own video files, spreadsheets, or PDFs, or create them right on Flowla.

Check out our content management page for more information.