Monitor flow activity on your favorite app

Flowla's Slack integration helps you keep tabs
on all your deals - on the platform you spend the most time on.

Design depicting the Flowla - Slack integration.
Design showing some of the Slack notifications Flowla sends.

Take action exactly
at the right time

You will receive an immediate Slack notification whenever
someone views a flow, or sends you a message.

View the updates directly in Slack, then visit the flow
with a click to take action.


Track deal progress
without lifting a finger

Mutual action plan updates, like completed tasks, missed deadlines, and completed flows are all posted on Slack.

Keep your processes on track with ease.

Flowla sends Slack notifications on MAP updates.
Invite Flowla into your Slack channels with clients.

Bring reminders to your Slack channels with clients

You can choose to have the notifications sent to any Slack channel you wish.

The reminders & updates will ensure everyone is on the same page, and doing what they need to do, right on time.


How does it work?

Connect your Flowla workspace to your Slack in 3 easy steps.

Step 1 of how to integrate Flowla with Slack.Step 2 of how to integrate Flowla with Slack.Step 3 of how to integrate Flowla with Slack.

Don't disrupt your routine

We made sure Flowla seamlessly incorporates into your existing processes & tool stack.
Image depicting the Salesforce integration.Image depicting the HubSpot integration.

Ready to speed up
your processes?

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