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Skip clunky sales processes. Flowla lets you collaborate with your customers easily in a single space with detailed insights to keep your deals flowing.

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Modern revenue teams reinvented their sales experience with Flowla


Skip long email threads.
Get everyone & everything on the same link.

All your sales materials and actions neatly in a single space. Reduce the noise, and have peace of mind knowing all decision makers have the right info.


Speed up sales cycles by 45% with Mutual Action Plans.

Confused customers don’t purchase. Create clearly defined, linear buyer journeys that keep customers focused.

They know the next steps, and you don’t leave money on the table.


No more ghosting.
Win more deals.

See which content your customers are looking at when. Understand what’s going on, and know exactly when to push to close more deals.

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"My prospects love Flowla! It’s transparent and is just a much better way to review information compared to a long email."

Jeannine Jure

Account Executive

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“Flowla revolutionized sales for us at UserGuiding. We visualize the sales process for our customers step-by-step, which speeds up follow ups and closing.”

Joud Ghazal

Account Executive

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We integrate seamlessly with your CRM. No jumping between tabs.
No need to manually sync data.

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