Action Plans

Break down your processes into actionable steps and assign tasks to individuals. Ease your customers' minds, speed up processes, and easily track progress.


Build consensus & speed up actions

Feel like your processes are dragging on and on? Clarity promotes action. Lay out the next steps in your process to be on the same page with your buyers.


Collaborate with your customers

We made sure that your customers can also tick off and edit mutual action plans, so they are equally involved in the process.

Collaborate with them towards closing & onboarding, and easily see who has completed what.


Hold everyone accountable

Flowla lets you assign task owners & due dates for each step on mutual action plans to create clarity and encourage ownership.

See who needs to do what at a glance, and hold everyone accountable.

You are in excellent company


Designed to keep your deals flowing

Flowla sends reminders to task owners via email & Slack about upcoming and past deadlines.

Ensure your deals and actions move forward according to plan, without a single hitch.

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your processes?

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