Manage your processes
on easy mode.

Turn complex processes into a single, actionable, collaborative flow.
See the entire journey at a glance, set deadlines, assign tasks,
and track progress effortlessly.


Confident customers, quicker actions

Your processes are dragging on and on? Clarity promotes action.

Visualize the entire process for your customers. Everyone knows exactly what they need to do, when.

Turn your entire flow into a living, collaborative workspace

Stages are not only the building blocks that organize your flows, but they can also each hold
relevant action items and materials to help your manage your processes more smoothly.
Here's how they work.

1. Break down your process into stages

From first touch to onboarding and beyond, define each individual stage in your process to organize everything neatly.

2. Define the actions

For each stage, add the tasks that need to be completed for that stage to be finalized.

You can then set due dates, add notes & links, and assign owners to each action item!

3. Add the resources

Stages also host the resources that will be needed during that stage.

Add these materials as individual steps under that stage.

4. Get everyone on
the same page.

After your MAP stages are complete, share it with all the stakeholders that will be involved.

They can see the entire process at a glance, and everyone can assign tasks to everyone else to manage the process with ease.


More accountability,
less drag.

See the upcoming tasks, blockages, overdue tasks & who needs to do what at a glance, and apply pressure wherever needed to keep things moving.

We send reminders to task owners via email & Slack about upcoming and past deadlines.


Track everything seamlessly.

Easily see how far along the processes are, and what needs to be done to move on to the next stage.

Always stay on top of your processes.

You are in excellent company

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