Build a scalable revenue machine.

Flowla helps you set up an end-to-end revenue enablement
process supported by detailed insights & templates.

Optimize your process for revenue growth, then ensure your entire team is following your playbook & moving in sync.

Modern revenue teams reinvented their sales experience with Flowla


Standardize your process & implement your playbook

Create flow templates that your entire team can copy & use right away.

Ensure your playbook is implemented by everyone on your team, and ramp up your new hires in no time.


Track progress & make
more accurate forecasts

You don't want your forecasts to rely on your team's
personal feelings on which deals are about to close.

Track how hot and how far along each deal is,
and forecast more accurately with concrete data.


Know exactly what
requires your attention.

See which deals have a heartbeat at a glance.

Prioritize your team's pipeline with data, ensure you're not letting
high-potential deals slip away, and intervene at exactly
the right time when needed.


Optimize your processes with actionable data

We give detailed insights for each of your assets,
like how many flows they're used in, and how they perform.

See at a glance which materials convert, understand your buyers better, & improve your processes.

"I have total transparency,my playbook is implemented, and I can forecast a lot more
accurately. It’s a game changer for team leaders."

Mathieu Marseille

Head of Marketplace

Design with Bahar's photo.
“Flowla's insights help me understand
which deals we should concentrate our
energy on. I can guide my team better.”

Bahar Gunes Scigaj

Co-founder at TalentGrid

Keep information flowing across your tools

We integrate seamlessly with your CRM. No jumping between tabs.
No need to manually sync data.

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