Flowla Raises $1.3M Pre-Seed!

Dilara Basaran
April 17, 2023
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Photo of the 3 Flowla founders.

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We are proud to announce that we’ve recently raised a $1.3M capital for our pre-seed funding round. This investment will help us scale our technology designed to save B2B deals from getting lost in long email threads. 

Our leading investors are two of the most active early-stage investors in the UK and Europe, Antler and Fuel Ventures. They are joined by the Istanbul-based VC firm, ScaleX, as well as Logo Ventures, alongside a group of industry insiders from companies like Salesforce.

Our story

Started in 2022, Flowla was founded by Erdem Gelal, Alper Yurder and Oguz Gelal - a team of Turkish entrepreneurs based in the UK.

They bring together complementary skills and experiences: Erdem is a repeat entrepreneur who previously built an enterprise sales solution, acquired by Groupe UP in 2019. Alper spent the last decade leading sales teams and delivering $30M in revenue, while Oguz shipped products, leading diverse teams in different regions from Canada to Japan. 

The current state of B2B sales

According to a study by Gartner, 80% of B2B buyers have stated that their last purchase was too complex and difficult.

It’s because there are simply too many moving parts: not only has the number of stakeholders involved in the decision making doubled, the variety of resources have multiplied as well. Salespeople today rely on documents, videos, interactive demos, forms, electronic signatures, mutual action plans and more.

Jed Rose, Partner at Antler explains it best: “At a time when all inboxes are flooded by unwanted emails, we see revenue teams find it increasingly difficult to create a single source of truth for their buyer. Flowla fills that gap, from first contact to onboarding”.

We felt that there was a need for something to reduce the noise and make the B2B sales processes a lot more efficient, streamlined, and easy. Because this was a personal pain for our founders as well.

What do we solve?

Flowla was designed to improve productivity and win rates for revenue teams struggling with profitability during high inflation and slowing growth rates. We bring all sales materials, actions and conversations in one place, thus removing any friction between a buyer and seller. We help teams digitally hand hold their prospects toward success. 

Our investor ScaleX Ventures’ Founder and Managing Partner Dilek Dayinlarli comments: "The world of sales is evolving at a rapid pace, and success in this arena heavily depends on a company's ability to understand and optimize the buyer journey. Flowla is at the forefront of this revolution. We are thrilled to be partnering with such a forward-thinking company.”

What differentiates us is that we not only bring materials and actions together, but we also enable B2B revenue teams to transform their processes into step-by-step, linear digital journeys that are easy to understand and follow for their buyers.

And it’s working! Flowla has proven to increase the speed of sales cycles by up to 50%, and we’re already adopted by companies like Deel and Insider.

The Future: Building the de-facto medium where B2B sales happen

So what’s next for Flowla? This new round of funding will allow us to hire new talent, scale our technology, and expand into new markets internationally, helping more companies grow revenue in the process.  

In the words of our Co-founder & CEO Erdem, “we believe the future of sales is driven by digital experiences that enable buyers. As competition increases, teams are forced to differentiate not only with the service they provide but also with the way they sell.

Helping buyers make informed decisions is the new definition of success and sadly, email threads no longer achieve this. This funding will allow us to realize our ambition to build the de facto medium where B2B sales happens.”

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