35 Top Resources for RevOps Professionals in 2024

Elen Udovichenko
March 14, 2024
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Blending sales, marketing, and customer success into one, Revenue Operations is the secret sauce for business success these days. But let's be real, figuring out RevOps can feel like trying to navigate a maze blindfolded. 

That's where this guide comes in handy. 

We've rounded up all the best RevOps resources out there, from experts and podcasts to newsletters and buzzing communities. Whether you're a seasoned RevOps whiz or just dipping your toes in, these resources have got your back.

So, get ready to dive deep into the world of RevOps with us.

RevOps thought leaders to follow

Your peers or fellow CS leaders who are facing the same challenges and find ways to overcome them are arguably the most valuable source of knowledge. This could be someone you can look up to or simply people openly sharing their journey on social media. 

In other words, you should be following subject matter experts, people who’ve been there and done that. And LinkedIn is the place to look for those people. Here are 10 RevOps thought leaders to follow and learn from.

  1. Rosalyn Santa Elena

Rosalyn Santa Elena is the Founder of The RevOps Collective, serving as a trusted advisor to high-growth startups and an influential figure in various communities. With over 25 years of experience in technology, Rosalyn specializes in optimizing operational functions through RevOps strategies. 

Offering executive coaching, community building, strategic consulting, and fractional leadership, she regularly shares her expertise in driving comprehensive GTM infrastructure growth and enhancing customer experiences.

  1. Eddie Reynolds

Eddie Reynolds brings over 20 years of expertise in sales, customer success, and marketing, driven by a deep-rooted passion for data-driven strategy and process optimization. With a decade-long tenure at Salesforce as an Account Executive focusing on high-growth, VC-backed B2B SaaS companies, Eddie recognized a crucial need in the market for a holistic approach to revenue growth. 

This led him to establish Union Square Consulting, a unique firm blending system implementation with a data-driven GTM strategy to address the core revenue engine issues faced by B2B recurring revenue brands. 

  1. Jacki Leahy

Jacki Leahy, based in Boston, Massachusetts, is a Fractional RevOps Advisor and the visionary Founder of Activate the Magic. With over 9 years of experience in the tech startup scene, Jacki specializes in unlocking revenue potential for B2B innovators. 

Offering expertise in Salesforce and HubSpot ecosystems, she empowers founders and sales leaders to navigate the chaos of growth with confidence.

  1. Sebastien van Heyningen

Sebastien van Heyningen is a seasoned RevOps Pro and Demand Gen Expert with a passion for efficiency. With extensive experience spanning over nine years, he has a successful track record in Revenue/Sales/Sales Development, leveraging his expertise to consult on processes and construct highly automated Revenue Engines for clients. 

As the Founder of Activate the Magic, Sebastien is driven by the desire to win and redefine success, both professionally and personally. 

  1. Stacie Sussman

Stacie Sussman is an experienced Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) based in New York City. With over 25 years of expertise in business strategy, sales, operations, and marketing, she specializes in helping companies scale up and optimize revenue growth. As the CRO at RevUp Advisory, Stacie leads a team dedicated to transforming businesses by implementing proven frameworks and methodologies. 

Her hands-on approach focuses on creating stable and scalable ecosystems to support growth hacking while maintaining operational excellence. Stacie's mission is to turn revenue plateaus into peaks, guiding companies through crucial inflection points, and driving sustainable expansion.

  1. Leore Spira

Leore Spira is a seasoned Revenue Operations leader with over a decade of experience driving profitable growth in high-growth SaaS environments. She excels in building and leading global revenue operations departments from scratch, integrating data and analytics for predictability, and providing strategic guidance for high-growth companies. 

As co-founder of The Optimizers, the first Israeli professional community for operations leaders, Leore bridges the gap between business and technology, offering expertise in revenue/sales operations management, team building, CRM automation, and data analytics. 

  1. Jeff Ignacio

Jeff Ignacio, a Growth & Revenue Operations expert based in Los Angeles, California, specializes in SaaS and guiding startups to scale-up success. With a focus on process, enablement, and strategic leadership, Jeff emphasizes collaboration and high integrity in driving revenue excellence. He has a proven track record of developing scalable selling processes. 

With extensive experience in sales operations, tech consulting, and finance, Jeff brings a wealth of expertise in automation, systems, and advisory roles to high-growth companies seeking to optimize their revenue generation strategies.

  1. Anne Pao

Anne Pao is the Founder and CEO of Ignite Consulting, specializing in go-to-market strategy and revenue operations. With over 20 years of experience, she empowers companies and startups with scalable growth solutions. As the creator of RevOps Village, she facilitates discussions among over 500 revenue professionals monthly. 

Named among the Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Sales, Anne advocates for fairness, inclusion, and authenticity, fostering empowerment and autonomy. Committed to community service, she serves on non-profit boards globally.

  1. Cliff Simon

Cliff Simon is the Chief Revenue Officer at Carabiner Group and serves as an advisor and fractional executive for numerous high-growth startups. With over 15 years of diverse technology experience, he specializes in guiding Go-to-Market (GTM) and Revenue Operations (RevOps) strategies across various industries. 

Cliff's passion lies in the dynamic environment of startups, where he thrives on making a significant impact. Beyond his professional pursuits, Cliff enjoys an active lifestyle with his wife and three children, engaging in soccer, hockey, and volunteering at their local church.

  1. Hang Black

Known as 'Black Ops' in the industry, Hang Black excels in leading elite performance sales teams to innovative solutions with precision and strategic foresight. As a seasoned leader in high-tech companies, Hang challenges the status quo to modernize tools and processes, enabling teams to uncover hidden opportunities and stay competitive in the digital landscape. 

A respected keynote speaker and bestselling author of "Embrace Your Edge," Hang is a passionate advocate for women in the workplace, emphasizing the importance of embracing diversity for organizational success.

RevOps podcasts

If you’re not a big fan of LinkedIn or simply don’t have the time for it, podcasts can be another great resource for RevOps professionals. You can listen to them during your commute, gym session, or over the weekend. Often spiced up with personal stories from renowned RevOps leaders, podcasts offer an easy and fun way to level up your skills.

Here are some of the must-listen RevOps podcasts we picked for you:

  1. RevOps Therapy Podcast

RevOps Therapy is a podcast that delves into the gritty realities of revenue operations, shifting focus from polished spreadsheets to the raw data that drives decisions. Hosted by Jordan Greaser, founder and CEO at Greaser Consulting, this podcast explores the the ever-evolving world of revenue operations, offering valuable lessons from real-life experiences.

Featuring guests like Jerry Pharr, Mark Kosoglow, and Yael Kahn, the show covers a wide range of RevOps-related topics, from tech tools and AI to career and leadership advice.

  1. The Revenue Engine

The Revenue Engine podcast, hosted by Rosalyn Santa Elena, one of the RevOps experts we mentioned above, invites listeners into the world of hyper-growth companies. Each episode spotlights founders, CEOs, and Revenue Leaders, delving deep into the strategies they implement to foster growth and sharing their insights gained along the journey. 

Although the show hasn’t been active for the past few months, you can catch up with the previous episodes with some outstanding guest speakers from Outreach, Gong, SalesLoft, and Groove.

  1. RevOps FM

RevOps FM is the ultimate podcast destination for those eager to dive deep into Revenue Operations and go-to-market strategies. Hosted by Justin Norris, this weekly show offers a masterclass experience aimed at enhancing the skills of revenue operators. Through candid discussions that challenge traditional thinking, listeners gain valuable insights into building predictable revenue at scale. 

From dissecting marketing and sales technologies to optimizing processes and team structures, RevOps FM covers a wide array of topics and features industry experts like Kyle Coleman, Mark Organ, Emir Atli

  1. The Revenue Lounge 

The Revenue Lounge podcast offers a unique series of candid sessions featuring leaders in the revenue operations space. With a focus on humanizing RevOps through real-life field insights, this podcast explores various facets of the function. Listeners are treated to stories from RevOps leaders, discovering what propels the function forward and gaining valuable advice for those eager to learn more about the space. 

Spanning two seasons (with the third one underway), the podcast boasts interviews with some of the biggest names in the B2B RevOps industry, including Jacki Leahy, Eric Welsh, and Leore Spira.

  1. RevOps Rockstars

RevOps Rockstars, presented by Opfocus, invites listeners into the dynamic world of Revenue Operations through engaging interviews hosted by David Carnes and Jarin Chu. In each episode, they explore the challenges faced by RevOps professionals today, offering valuable insights and perspectives. 

Delving into guests' career trajectories, the podcast offers a behind-the-scenes look at the journeys of RevOps Rockstars, like Laura Wheeler, Ali Seibel, and Kay Dastgheib.

  1. The RevOps Review 

The RevOps Review is a podcast by Cognism interviewing leading revenue operators. Hosted by Jeff Ignacio, the show explores the ever-changing landscape of GTM operations to keep your revenue engine on track. Some of the previous guests are Eddie Reynolds, Cliff Simon, and Shantanu Shekhar.

If you prefer to tune in live, you can join Kristapor, Jeff, and Antoine for The RevOps Review Live, where they are sharing tactics and strategies to help you optimize processes to drive efficiency across your GTM Motion.

  1. The RevOps Show

The RevOps Show offers a captivating exploration of revenue operations, led by hosts Jess Cardenas, Chief of Staff at Lift, and Doug Davidoff, CEO of Lift. Through engaging discussions, they delve into the dynamic world of revenue operations, uncovering valuable insights and solutions to overcome challenges. 

Each episode provides an authentic behind-the-scenes experience, real-life scenarios, and practical strategies to navigate the complexities of revenue operations. The topics previously covered on the show include tech stack consolidation, customer experience, reporting and analytics, and more.

  1. RevOps Podcast 

RevOps Podcast by Revenue.io features in-the-moment, thought-provoking discussions tailored for today’s leading CROs, CSOs, and CEOs. Hosted by Howard Brown, CEO, and Alastair Woolcock, Chief Strategy and Revenue Officer of Revenue.io, this podcast delivers actionable takeaways and memorable stories about breaking down silos between Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success. 

Last year, the show was transformed into the Sales Strategy & Enablement Podcast but you can still access all of the previous episodes along with the new ones (the total of 1100+ conversations with sales leaders like Dan Pink, Tiffani Bova, and Jeffrey Gitomer).

  1. Rise of RevOps

Rise of RevOps is the podcast brought to you by Qualified. The show shines a spotlight on B2B RevOps leaders, exploring how they identify revenue-driving opportunities, craft go-to-market strategies, and refine sales processes to enhance the customer lifecycle.

Rise of RevOps currently has one season, featuring episodes with RevOps leaders from outstanding companies like Okta, People.ai, Hubspot, and more.

  1. Opstars - The RevOps Podcast

Opstars - The RevOps Podcast is the ultimate destination for Revenue Operations insights and strategies. The podcast features authentic conversations with OpsStars like Keith Jones, Anne Pao, and Francis Brero, who excel in their fields, providing listeners with insights to create outstanding buyer experiences, foster organizational growth, and achieve success in their careers.

With candid conversations featuring top OpsStars in the field, expect to gain valuable knowledge and inspiration to elevate the buyer experience, foster organizational growth, and advance in your career. 

RevOps newsletters

Whether you prefer bite-sized learnings or enjoy deep reads, there’s a ton of newsletters to choose from. These will regularly provide you with fresh insights and curated resources to excel in your role.

To start with, check some of your favorite RevOps tools — the chances are they might have their own newsletters. If you’re looking for more, here are some of our top picks among the RevOps newsletters.

  1. RevOps Impact Newsletter

RevOps Impact Newsletter by Jeff Ignacio offers a mix of long-reads detailing topics like RevOps roadmaps and prioritization methodologies, governance, forecasting, etc. as well as weekly digest-style posts with podcast suggestions, news, and stories from around the web.

  1. Revenue Operations Alliance newsletter

This is a community-led newsletter, featuring articles and expert interviews from the ROA blog, resources (reports and e-books, podcasts, events, as well as opportunities to get involved and take part in the surveys or pose your questions to the RevOps experts.

  1. RevOps Letter

The RevOps Letter by Weflow offers data-driven insights, best practices, and hands-on knowledge from the best revenue operators in the world. Two of the company’s co-founders share actionable tips, insightful reports, and strategic advice to 1,000+ subscribers.

  1. The RevOps Team newsletter

Another RevOps newsletter featuring “career resources, software reviews, and expert tips right in your inbox” is brought to you by The RevOps Team. An up-and-coming community, it promises content tailored to guide you in crafting intelligent strategic frameworks for efficient and predictable growth at scale.

  1. RevOps Roundup by Openprise 

Brought to you by Openprise, RevOps Roundup is a newsletter featuring industry news, events, and curated resources along with monthly roundups — “deeper dives from RevOps leaders on tech and trends you need to know about.”

RevOps communities

If you’re looking to connect with fellow CS professionals personally, there’s no better way to do that than through professional online communities. These can be hosted on different platforms, from dedicated portals to Slack. Here are some of the most popular communities for RevOps professionals.

  1. RevOps Coop

With 12,000 members globally, this is one of the largest RevOps communities out there. The community has a free membership plan as well as a paid option for additional resources like knowledge or career growth hubs as well as peer-to-peer networking opportunities.

  1. Revenue Operations Alliance 

Is another large community for RevOps professionals. Similar to the RevOps Coop, it has a web platform with resources as well as a dedicated Slack channel. It’s absolutely free to join and use (although has some basic code of conduct).

  1. The RevOps Collective Community 

The RevOps Collective is a consultancy that has built a community “for RevOps by RevOps” focusing on personal and professional growth. With events, resources, learning sessions, and 1:1 conversations with other RevOps professionals, it has both free and paid membership options.

  1. WizOps

WizOps is one more Slack channel for RevOps professionals, currently hosting 3,700 members. It’s 100% free to join, but all members are carefully vetted before getting access to the community. The community also hosts a bi-weekly shOPS Talk Series — lively discussions with a rotating panel of experts.

  1. RevOperators  

RevOperators (RO) is a new platform for sales, marketing, growth, and ops leaders who create, manage, and grow revenue for their companies, from small startups to large enterprises. While it's free to join the community, they screen all new members in order to build a positive, enriching experience for everyone in the membership.

RevOps events

Prefer in-person networking or want to learn from the experts directly? There are a few major events for RevOps professionals you should consider attending. Our top picks are:

  1. RevOpsAF 2024

Where: In-person, San Diego

When: May 28-30, 2024

“The first and only RevOps Conference created by RevOps Professionals for the RevOps Community,” RevOpsAF is an annual in-person event organized by RevOps Coop featuring a stellar lineup of industry experts, like Daphne Costa Lopes, Cliff Simon, Jacki Leahy, and more.

  1. RevCon 2023 by RevGenius 

RevCon is another must-attend event for everyone in revenue. While the conference is geared toward a broader audience, there are usually a few speakers and presenters for the RevOps professionals too. And while you’re waiting for this year’s agenda, you can also watch recordings from last year on-demand.

Where: Online

When: To be announced (most likely October 2024)

  1. Revenue Operations Summit 

Multiple locations/dates 

Organized by the Revenue Operations Alliance, this is a series of events taking place across multiple dates and locations both in the US and in Europe. Featuring speakers from Google, Meta, LinkedIn, and dozens of the world’s leading companies, it offers a platform for RevOps community to learn and network.

Honorable mentions

Wrapping up, there are two more useful RevOps resources we would like to feature here. 

Know any other RevOps resources? Submit your tips via email (elen@flowla.com) or contact us on LinkedIn. We’re happy to enrich the list with more valuable resources.

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