The Customer Success Playbook

Practical guide for customer handoff, onboarding, and continuous success with best practices, proven templates, and expert tips.

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Keeping your customers happy is as important as winning them.

Yet, many businesses fail to offer enough assistance to their customers throughout their journey, focusing on just one of its aspects or prioritizing revenue over client success.

Helping your customers get the most out of your product, starting with the handoff and onboarding, lays a solid foundation for ongoing success. It also helps you make sure a customer renews when it’s time and will gladly refer you to their network, even without you asking.

This playbook incudes industry best practices and our proven templates to help you build an effective customer success process. From handoff to onboarding and beyond, find everything you need to create your own CS playbook.

Download the ebook

Handhold your customers with Flowla Onboard

Turn clunky spreadsheets and a million documents into one, interactive onboarding journey.