The State of B2B Client Onboarding in 2024

Discover how growing B2B companies onboard their new customers and learn from the challenges they face to gear up for success in 2024.

About the research

Customer success is a long game. And the way you onboard customers sets the tone for the entire journey ahead.

We contacted ~500 CS and onboarding/implementation professionals across ~450 B2B organizations (mostly SaaS, 50+ employees) to collect insights into their typical onboarding processes, challenges they face, and how they address them. 

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Key takeaways

  • Almost 60% of the organizations run on high-touch processes that take more than 1 month.
  • Email remains the king when it comes to customer communication during the onboarding with written or video how-to content catching up.
  • Yet, this doesn’t seem to cut it as some of the main problems in customer onboarding are related to task tracking, information sharing, and overall clarity of the process.
  • The revenue leadership is aware of the problems but many of them tend to look away, as the primary KPIs always focus on new ARR added.

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