New in Flowla: Internal Actions, New Variables, Templates, and More

Dilara Basaran
July 9, 2024
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As we step into the new month and quarter, the summer sun isn't the only thing heating up — Flowla's latest updates are here to ignite your sales productivity! 

From enhancing collaboration with internal task management and new variable options to our revamped Templates tab and updated reporting features, we've rolled out some cool new features just in time for the summer season.

Whether you're sipping on iced coffee or catching some rays, let’s gear up for a season of productivity with Flowla's newest features!

Internal actions for your team 📝

You can now mark certain action items as “internal,” ensuring these tasks are only visible to your team members. This feature hides internal tasks from your external flow visitors and excludes them from affecting the overall flow completion percentage. 

This enhancement allows you to manage both your customers’ and your team’s to-dos in one place, keeping operations streamlined and efficient. 

With the ability to separate internal tasks from customer-facing ones, your team can work more effectively without cluttering the client view. This ensures that everything runs smoothly, maintaining clear communication and task management for both internal and external stakeholders.

More variable options unlocked! ✨

Until now, variables have been text-only, but we've expanded their capabilities. You can now use images, links, and even image-links as variables. Here are some of the new options available:

  • Logo: Include the logo of your client’s or your own company.
  • Thumbnail Image Link: Add a thumbnail image link for a flow.
  • Profile Photo and Links: Use the profile photo, meeting link, or LinkedIn account of the flow creator.

💡 P.S.: You can input your LinkedIn and meeting link from 'user settings' to make the most of these new options.

These enhancements provide greater flexibility and personalization, helping you create more engaging and informative flows.

Templates & inspiration wonderland 🎨

We've also revamped the 'Templates' tab to keep your creativity flowing. Now, you can easily navigate through:

  • Flowla’s Pre-made Templates: A selection of ready-to-use templates designed to streamline your workflow.
  • Inspiration Hub: Explore flows created by other users for inspiration.
  • Team-Created Templates: Access and use templates created by your team.

All these resources are available in one place, enabling your team to start building flows right away.

Monitor the flows going cold 🔍

We've updated the former ‘Flow Engagements’ report to the new ‘Engagement Trends’. Here’s what’s new:

  • Engagement Trends View: Easily monitor flows with changes in engagements compared to the previous time period.
  • Identify Trends: Keep track of both upward and downward trends in your pipeline effortlessly.

Stay informed and proactive with our enhanced reporting feature to optimize your workflow effectively.

Upload multiple files in forms 📑

Our latest update allows the 'Upload a file' question in forms to accommodate multiple documents. This enhancement offers increased convenience for both you and your clients, enabling the streamlined upload and management of several files within a single form submission.


As always, we're looking forward to your feedback as we continue working on new features. Reach out to our Customer Success Manager, Delia, with any questions or request a personal walk-through.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance Flowla with features designed to simplify your workflow and boost productivity.

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