New in Flowla: Dynamic Variables, New Report Types, and More Updates

Dilara Basaran
March 7, 2024
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Spring has finally sprung and we are excited to see all the positive changes it brings. But first, we have a host of new, exciting updates — the last batch of improvements from this winter — to share! 

Our main focus this February was on more detailed reporting and automated content customization. As always, you asked so we delivered!

So here's a brief walkthrough of everything we rolled out with the recent update.

Auto-personalization with dynamic variables 🪄

As modern buyers crave authenticity and authenticity, personalization isn't merely a luxury — it's an expectation. Businesses that fail to personalize risk being relegated to the background noise, overshadowed by competitors who prioritize relevance and individuality.

That is why we’ve been doubling down on customization and personalization capabilities over the past few months with our custom flow backgrounds and a more powerful editor.

With this update, we’re introducing another layer of personalization — dynamic variables — to make your flows really stand out.

It is now possible to add variables anywhere in your flows where you have the rich text editor, and their content will automatically get updated with each new flow.

Simply type “/” to open the dropdown menu and select the "Variables" option to add one of the built-in options, including:

  • Target org name 🏭
  • Flow creator name 👱
  • Primary contact name 🧑‍💻

💡 You can also create your own custom variables and assign the corresponding values.

Please, note: While using a template (or duplicating an existing flow), your custom variables and editable dynamic variables in the flow/template will appear in the last step, so you can populate them right there before creating the flow.

New report types 📑

Ever since bringing Revenue Intelligence 2.0 to Flowla with the new Reports page, we’ve been looking to offer our users more insights into their flow performance.

So we’re happy to announce that we’ve added several new views to the Reports page, including Content analytics and Account analytics.

Content analytics report gives you a comprehensive view of your top-performing assets as well as all assets with their engagement counts, view counts, and download counts (you can filter the data by time).

With an Account analytics report, you can see how many contacts were brought into flows by target companies and filter them by time.

New task type: Invite contacts 👥

Following the introduction of a native e-signature feature that allows you to set “Sign a document” as an action item, we’re adding the new action type — Invite contacts.

With this new task type, you can require your flow recipients to add other stakeholders to the flow — a great way to get all of the stakeholders on the same page and multithread more efficiently.

The action will be automatically marked as done when they add other stakeholders.

Notify assignees of actions 🔔

To make your experience using Flowla even more pleasant and smooth, we updated the assignee selection panel. ✨

Now you can add/remove multiple assignees at once and choose to notify assigned contacts or not with a checkbox at the bottom.

The same experience is also available for meeting notes attendees, and e-signature recipients.

Updates to the text editor 📝

The text editor in Flowla just got a few user experience updates too!

With these improvements, you can now:

  • Duplicate an entire block in the editor with all its content. 
  • Quickly mention people within the flow (in the text sections) with a click. Just type “/” in the editor, select "Mention," select a person from the list, and have the person's name pasted within the text.

More product updates (and exciting announcement coming soon!)

Lastly, we moved the “share from the step” option to the share menu in the upper right-hand corner for your convenience.


That’s it for now. Make sure to give all of the listed updates a try and let us know what you think about them!

Need a bit more handholding exploring the updates? Book some time with Delia, our Customer Success Manager, for a personal walkthrough.

And stay tuned for more updates (including a huge announcement coming soon 🤞).

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