How Doordeck Is Creating Bespoke Sales Assets 10 Times Faster with Flowla

Elen Udovichenko
11 Jan 2022
5 min read
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Doordeck is a connected workplace technology provider that transforms workplaces into efficient, secure, and connected environments with smart, scalable cloud access and visitor experience technology.

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Before Flowla

  • Fragmented communication channels, leading to misunderstandings.
  • Disorganized workflows made it difficult to track project progress, assign tasks efficiently, and ensure accountability.
  • Creating proposals and sales assets manually in Canva.

After Flowla

  • Easily finding and sharing the right information with the right people.
  • Better organization and transparency in cross-department process management.
  • Creating bespoke sales assets in just a minute, as compared to 10-15 minutes in Canva.

Table of contents

Guy Adderley, Global Director of Sales & Operations at Doordeck, and Property Technology Consultant, joined us for a chat about their experience using Flowla in their sales and CS processes. Here are the key highlights of the conversation, including the use cases, outcomes, and his honest feedback on Flowla.

Discovering Flowla 

Guy first learned about Flowla through a professional connection. Reflecting on this initial encounter, he shared, "At the time, I first met Alper about two years ago. I was running a consultancy, and part of that was vetting software providers. He let me know he was creating this business, and it aligned with my ethos of how I like to sell."

“If you’re CRM is not well organised, it’s incredibly difficult to get the right information to the right person and right time, without overloading your clients with irrelevant information to them. Nobody wants their inbox filled with junk.”

From the moment Flowla was introduced, Guy saw its potential. "That's going back, I think, quite literally from the day dot, from when you first launched. I reached out and said, tell me more. Let me learn about what you can do. And that's how we met. That's how I knew what you were doing, really."

Guy identified two primary issues that Flowla could address:

1. Cutting through the noise: "There are a lot of very similar systems or competition across all sectors. Sales emails get filtered and put into junk incredibly quickly. Some emails are beautifully written or quirky, and they cut through, while others are generic and get binned."

2. Fragmented information delivery: "The real estate industry is incredibly fragmented with lots of decision-makers and components. For example, when for one building, you could be presenting to the owner, operator, and occupier. All of these have multiple stakeholders adding to the complexity.

Flowla presented a unique solution to these challenges. Guy highlighted, "It was a tool straight away that I thought, this is different. This is landing in someone's inbox or going to their LinkedIn and is presenting my company in a different light. Anything I can do, which is slightly different to what everybody else is doing, is fantastic."

Flowla's impact on Guy's consultancy was immediate and positive.

This initial discovery phase set the stage for Guy to explore how Flowla could further enhance his sales efficiency and client engagement.

Expanding use cases

Guy and his team initially adopted Flowla as a sales-focused tool, however, as the team explored Flowla's capabilities, they began to see its potential beyond just sales. 

One of the significant challenges Guy faced was the onboarding process for new clients. 

“Onboarding can be where things go wrong. After all, we spend months getting a deal across the line, and you don't want to mess it up at this crucial stage. We wanted a tool that makes our clients' lives easier when deploying our technology, and Flowla’s enabled us to streamline the whole onboarding process.

Flowla provided a solution to streamline onboarding by consolidating and organizing documentation. "We had the documentation—20, 30-page how-to guides and console information. We've managed to put them into a flow, so they are now in one place. We've segmented them out so they're not so text-heavy and information overloaders. We're breaking down information into bite-sized chunks."

This structured approach not only made the information more accessible but also helped avoid overwhelming clients with dense documentation. Guy highlighted that the use of Flowla extended beyond his individual efforts to the entire sales team. 

When asked about the team's reaction and the benefits they observed, Guy noted, "They've appreciated the speed of how to create something which, to the prospect or the client, seems heavily bespoke."

The positive feedback wasn't limited to internal observations. Clients and prospects also responded favorably to the personalized and professional presentations. This client feedback often turned into referrals, which significantly impacted the sales cycle. 

Feature highlights and outcomes

When asked about his favorite features, Guy highlighted Flola’s customization capabilities. He provided an example of sending personalized documents to Nestle, complete with branded background images, which received positive feedback. This personalization makes customers feel special and enhances their experience.

Guy praised Flowla's asset library for its efficiency in managing and accessing documents, a common pain point for many sales teams. Flowla’s centralized document library ensures that all necessary materials are easily accessible.

Regarding video integration, Guy acknowledged the usefulness of Flowla's native recording tool but admitted to defaulting to Loom out of habit.

Guy also highlighted Flowla’s integration with HubSpot, particularly the automation features that streamline their sales process. This integration helps build buyer profiles and manage tasks automatically, enhancing productivity:

While acknowledging the impact, quantifying it remains challenging. Guy suggests measuring efficiency gains in document creation time and the quality of client interactions. “I guess an ROI for me to create 120 custom documents to send out to people you think what, 10 minutes per custom document? It's quite a long time, just my time, let alone the client impact. So from giving them a generic document versus a bespoke document ready to go in their brands, in their colors, with their logo.”

Closing remarks

In summary, Doordeck has significantly benefited from integrating Flowla, achieving notable improvements in document creation speed, client satisfaction, and sales effectiveness.

By using Flowla to streamline processes, enhance customization options, and automate tasks, Doordeck has not only optimized internal workflows but also strengthened client relationships through personalized and professional interactions. 

This successful implementation highlights Flowla's role in revolutionizing operations and driving business growth in the competitive digital marketing solutions sector.

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