Level up Your Buyer Experience with Flowla and VideoCom Integration

Elen Udovichenko
November 16, 2023
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Flowla and VideoCom integration

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As B2B sales cycles are becoming more intricate, the era of never-ending email threads is giving way to engaging, interactive experiences that swiftly convey the value of your products or services.

This is exactly what we advocate at Flowla. And this is also why we're thrilled to announce an integration with VideoCom — a platform that empowers you to create and share screen captures or high quality video presentations with ease. 

Designed to transform how you present your offerings to potential clients, this strategic integration allows you to seamlessly integrate impactful videos into your sales processes within Flowla, offering your clients a truly immersive buyer experience.

Streamline your buyer’s journey with Flowla

Flowla, the platform designed to create and deliver engaging buyer experiences, allows you to build a unified hub for all communication, eliminating the hassle of extended email threads. Craft visually stunning, interactive flows that captivate your buyers and guide them through your offering. Set the action plan within Flowla, ensuring everyone involved in the deal is aware of the stage and the next steps.

Create compelling visual experiences with VideoCom

Whether you're selling software, digital or physical products, or providing a service, VideoCom empowers you to easily create interactive demos and personalized videos. Record slides, screen captures, webcam footage, add overlay elements, and clickable elements to engage viewers. Once done, share them with your prospects at any stage of their journey.

A perfect match: Flowla and VideoCom integration

Through this integration, you can build a memorable buyer journey and keep all involved stakeholders on the same page without lengthy email threads. Whether it's a personalized welcome video, an engaging product demo, or a recorded meeting, VideoCom and Flowla deliver immersive experiences, vividly showcasing the unique value you offer.

How it works:

1. Log in to Flowla. Set up an account and create your sales flow if you're not already using Flowla.

2. Create or open your sales flow. Your sales flow acts as the canvas for your entire sales journey.

3. Add content. Choose to add a link or upload videos and multimedia content.

4. Upload or link your video. Use Flowla to seamlessly integrate videos created with VideoCom. Your video is automatically embedded into your flow for easy viewing, with interactive elements supported.

5. Share the flow link with your prospects for a unified and engaging experience.

The benefits of VideoCom and Flowla integration

  • Elevated engagement: Interactive demos maintain client attention throughout the proposal.
  • Tailored presentations: Customize proposals to address each client's unique needs, showcasing bespoke solutions.
  • Streamlined communication: Centralize all communication, eliminating the need for numerous emails and attachments.
  • Insights through analytics: VideoCom and Flowla provide analytics for measuring the effectiveness of demos and proposals.
  • Competitive edge: Stand out with modern, interactive, and unforgettable presentations.

Get the most out of your sales proposals and leave a lasting impact on potential clients with VideoCom and Flowla integration. By combining personalized videos with interactive flows, you can elevate your sales process and win over clients.

Ready to improve your buyers’ journeys with Flowla and Videocom? Let's chat! You can book a short call here.

Or explore more of our integrations to power up your sales flows with the right tools.

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