New in Flowla: Stage Visibility Settings, Improved Flow Analytics, Kanban View, and More

Elen Udovichenko
June 4, 2024
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Are you ready to kick off the summer season with a bang as we unveil new features in Flowla?

Right in time for the last push this quarter, we’re bringing you a fresh batch of product updates, focusing on enhancing control, visibility, and efficiency when working with Flowla. Let’s explore the new additions and improvements together.

Make stages visible for select contacts 👀

We are excited to introduce a new feature that enhances the control and customization of your workflows: stage visibility management. With this update, you can now tailor the visibility of each stage in your flow to specific contacts, ensuring that only the right people see the right information.

To manage contacts who can view specific stages in the flow, simply navigate to the stage visibility menu, select "restricted visibility," and enter the contacts who you want to grant access to the specific stages.

Minimize distractions and reduce information overload by sharing updates with only the necessary stakeholders so they see only the stages that are relevant to them.

Improved flow analytics 📊

Next up is the major enhancement to our flow analytics that makes it easier to track and understand your flow engagements. Timeline & Sessions tabs in individual flow analytics are now combined for a leaner, easier-to-digest Sessions tab.

The Sessions tab now visualizes all the flow engagements as a timeline to help you see what’s happened when, over a set time period.

You can filter engagements by date, contact, and more to quickly see the relevant activity.

This brings a number of improvements to the way you access and interpret your flow data:

  • Better visualization of engagements that breaks it down by time intervals. A clear, chronological view of all flow engagements allows you to understand activity patterns over time.
  • Better filtering options for sessions. This is helpful to swiftly find specific engagement details by date, contact, and more, saving time and improving data relevance.
  • Extended session information that is of no interest to users is now removed, in favor of a less bloated, easier-to-consume view, contributing to a more intuitive and streamlined experience with the reports.

Kanban board view on flows page 🔍

Another update makes workflow management more visual and intuitive. We’re thrilled to add the Kanban board view to the Flows page.

You can now display the flows on your main dashboard in a Kanban board according to their flow statuses! This visual approach makes it easier to track progress and manage your workflows at a glance.

Moreover, you can customize your workflow directly from the Kanban board: Add, edit, or remove flow statuses to reflect your specific process needs, all in real-time.

With the Kanban board view, you can quickly identify bottlenecks, prioritize tasks, and ensure smoother transitions between stages, improving overall efficiency.

Set internal template names ✍🏻

We’re always open to feedback and strive to make our users happy in any way possible, especially by improving our product to better cater to your needs.

As some of you mentioned, it might be difficult to understand the context of the flow when template titles include variables — like [target company] 🤝 [your company].

Well, now you can set internal template names for them and make it easier to identify the right template.

💡 Note: These internal template names act as private labels for your team, providing clear context without affecting client-facing titles. The public template title remains visible as a secondary text.

To set an internal template name, click “...” options menu → Rename. Once set, the template name will be displayed, and the title will be displayed as the secondary text.

More product updates 🫧

But wait, there’s more! Before we sign off, here’s a round-up of some of the smaller but still important updates:

  • Forms: Hide cover & questions. Once hidden, they won't appear on the form. If a required question is hidden, it won't be mandatory until re-enabled, allowing users to submit the form without it.
  • Mention action item due dates in the editor. It is now possible to automatically pull the due date of an action item in the text editor to include it in your content.
  • Duplicate templates. We’re adding the option to duplicate any template.
  • Flow progress popover details. We now show “X of Y actions completed” when you hover over the flow progress indicator.
  • Summary: Improved action item view settings. You can now intuitively show/hide views on the summary.
  • Flow/template titles with variables are now searchable. Previously, when a variable appeared in a title its value was not searchable. Now the flow title is searchable by variable values.

Two more flow customization panel improvements include:

  1. You can now see the images that you’ve previously uploaded or selected from your library to use as a background inline.
  2. When you search from the Unsplash library, close the drawer and open it again, the state of your search will be saved. So it’s now easier to preview the changes without losing context.


As always, we encourage you to try all of the listed updates and let us know what you think. If you need a bit more handholding exploring the updates, book a personal walkthrough with Delia, our Customer Success Manager.

Stay tuned for more exciting product updates and announcements soon.

And make sure to book some time off this summer and enjoy it with your loved ones 💙

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