How Medicasimple Doubled Customer Success Productivity with Flowla

Elen Udovichenko
11 Jan 2022
5 min read
Medicasimple success story



Medicasimple is a cloud-based healthcare solution for practice management delivering an end-to-end patient experience.

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Istanbul, Turkey - London, United Kingdom

Before Flowla

  • All customer requests were handled manually through Intercom.
  • Static knowledge bases that are hard to keep up to date.
  • Struggling to scale the customer base with little resources.

After Flowla

  • All customer success processes are completely automated using Flowla.
  • Customers have a single knowledge base to refer to.
  • Doubling the customer number with an even leaner team.

Table of contents

Serving nearly 400 practices across Turkey, Medicasimple sought an all-in-one solution to streamline their customer support and also facilitate efficient onboarding and success tracking. Altug Guzeloglu, co-founder of Medicasimple, explains how Flowla has completely transformed the way they operate in this interview. 

Before Flowla and implementation journey

Before integrating Flowla into their operations, the Medicasimple team faced challenges in efficiently addressing customer inquiries and ensuring a standardized process across their client base. 

“This is very important because we are a practice management software provider and we currently serve nearly 700 practices around Turkey and worldwide, and those practices should run perfectly. Since it's a very niche vertical, you need to be all-in-one and the customer should learn and should set up many things in your platform.”

At that time, they were handling responses on Intercom manually. But as their customer success agent left the company, they faced the need to optimize their processes and to do so fast. That is when they discovered Flowla.

“The first thing we changed was just creating a guideline flow. So whenever we receive a question on Intercom, answers should be delivered through Flowla. That's the one important rule that everybody follows in the company. And then after maybe one week, we created nearly 60 videos. And this was the start of our journey with Flowla.”

Upon discovering Flowla, Medicasimple quickly recognized its potential to revolutionize their operations. They embraced the platform's multimedia capabilities, particularly its seamless Loom video integration.

Leveraging this feature, they created a vast library of instructional videos covering various aspects of their software, from basic setup to advanced functionalities.

3 ways Flowla enables customer success at Medicasimple

Medicasimple quickly integrated Flowla into their customer success workflows, specifically in these three main use cases:

  1. User manuals for customer support. “When you come into our platform for the first time, you click ‘user manual’, and it directs you to the related flow.”
  2. Resource center for onboarding and education. “We have a huge library of Looms. This is kind of like a huge media or resource hub for multiple operations, but not as static.”
  3. Action plans for customer success (assisted by a dedicated consultant). “We are creating very detailed action-based flows for customers as well.”

Additionally, Medicasimple utilized Flowla to automate integration requests during the implementation stage, creating streamlined workflows for healthcare professionals. They use embedded forms to create this workflow.

As they discover more use cases and integrate Flowla into their workstreams in various ways, Altug mentions that their milestone is to scale these processes.

“What we are currently striving for is to establish, control, and maintain our operations on a very massive scale, not individually. In essence, we aim to foster deep integration between Medicasimple and Flowla, enabling us to support, educate, and achieve success in healthcare industry.”

Doubling the number of customers per success employee with Flowla

The adoption of Flowla yielded significant positive outcomes for Medicasimple. In under a year, the company was able to scale their client base from 400 to nearly 800 without expanding their team, thus doubling their  # of customers per success employee.

“After one of our customer success members left, we had three people, so then we integrated Flowla as well as some other tools. At the end of the day, we scaled our customers from 400 to almost 800. And we didn't hire anyone.”

Aside from that, they also observed a notable increase in customer engagement and satisfaction, with clients appreciating the personalized and efficient assistance provided through Flowla's multimedia-rich guidance. 

“And this is the thing that I believe changed for the customers — they are getting a huge know-how from us, not just the basic setup help. And this is where they trust us more, and refer us to their friends.”

Top features that you like about Flowla

Having Flowla deeply integrated into their customer success workflows, Altug struggles to name specific Flowla features that they find the most useful. But a few definitely stand out, considering their use cases:

  • Loom integration (video embedding capabilities) and the ease of sharing those assets.
  • Actions“We utilized this one for some of our enterprise customers. There were a lot of actions that needed to be completed by both of us, and Flowla was a perfect tool — a shared workspace between me and my enterprise customers.”
  • Templates“I also use the template feature to generate mass flows from a very specific template. And this is easily integrated with our CRM system, Salesforce.”

Altug also mentions the new editor which he likes more than the previous version, praising Flowla’s constant improvements and growth.

Closing remarks

Initially met with some skepticism, Flowla quickly won over Medicasimple's team with its user-friendly interface and tangible benefits. Clients, too, embraced Flowla's guided flows as a more efficient way to get responses to their requests. 

So Flowla has become an indispensable tool for Medicasimple, deeply integrated into their operational framework and even embedded into their corporate vocabulary.

By leveraging Flowla's capabilities, Medicasimple has not only enhanced their service offerings but also achieved remarkable scalability and efficiency, all while delivering exceptional value to healthcare professionals.

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