Top 15 Podcasts for Customer Success Professionals

Elen Udovichenko
February 15, 2024
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Imagine having all kinds of industry leaders and experts and their inspiring stories at your fingertips. From cutting-edge strategies to personal anecdotes. Best of all, you can put on your headphones, hit play, and learn from these experts from around the world. Now it's easier than ever!

The concept of podcasting dates back to 2004, when Dave Winer and Adam Curry developed a way to download Internet radio shows automatically to iPods. It became such a big deal that the New Oxford American Dictionary declared "podcast" the word of the year in 2005.

Top 15 customer success podcasts

There are over 5 million podcasts in the US only with +70 million episodes worldwide and counting. And no two podcasts are exactly alike. With so many options, how do you separate the signal from the noise and find the customer success podcasts that deliver value? We do the work for you by bringing you the best customer success podcasts on the web.

1. Sales Therapy by Flowla

Hosted by: Alper Yurder

Where to listen: Spotify or Apple Podcasts

Where to watch: YouTube

Enter the world of leadership transformation with Sales Therapy, where host Alper Yurder, a former sales executive and co-founder of Flowla, dives deep into the essence of effective leadership. Through candid conversations and insightful storytelling, Alper and his guests uncover the secrets behind career-defining moments and the invaluable lessons learned along the way. 

Join them as they explore the skills, challenges, and triumphs that make exceptional leaders, sprinkled with a touch of vulnerability and a wealth of actionable tips and tricks for success.

Our top pick: Secrets to Scaling Global Sales Organizations from $6M to 100M with Javier Ortega 

2. Psychology of Customer Success

Hosted by: Rachel Provan

Where to listen: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts

Dive into the fascinating realm of Psychology of Customer Success with expert Rachel Provan, as she uncovers the profound impact of psychology on customer interactions. Every Wednesday Rachel has engaging discussions that go beyond traditional strategies, offering practical advice to both seasoned professionals and newcomers alike, aiming to elevate the customer success game for all listeners.

Our top pick: Giving Negative Feedback Without Destroying Morale

3. Women in Customer Success Podcast

Hosted by: Marija Skobe-Pilley

Where to listen: Spotify or Apple Podcasts

Join host Marija Skobe-Pilley on the Women in Customer Success Podcast for inspiring conversations with female professionals across industries. From sharing insightful stories to providing actionable insights for career advancement, each episode is a treasure trove of wisdom, empowering listeners to thrive in their respective fields and make a lasting impact in the world of customer success.

Our top pick: Finding Fulfillment and Impact in Customer Success - Delia Visan

4. Churn FM

Hosted by: Andrew Michael

Where to listen: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts

Where to watch: YouTube

Delve into the intricate world of churn management and growth strategies with, where industry leaders share their firsthand experiences and expert insights. From increasing customer loyalty to fostering deeper engagement, each episode offers invaluable lessons and practical advice for navigating the dynamic landscape of subscription-based businesses.

Our top pick: How HubSpot turns customers into marketers by creating a customer-driven culture

5. The Modern Customer Podcast

Hosted by: Blake Morgan

Where to listen: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts

Where to watch: YouTube

Experience the thought-provoking discussions on customer experience with The Modern Customer Podcast, hosted by Forbes contributor Blake Morgan. With a focus on challenging conventional wisdom and inspiring innovation, Blake and her distinguished guests explore emerging trends and transformative ideas that shape the future of customer experience across various industries.

Our top pick: Optimize Your Contact Center and Improve Customer Service with AI Technology

6. The Digital Customer Success Podcast

Hosted by: Alex Turkovic

Where to listen: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts

Where to watch: YouTube

Join host Alex Turkovic on the Digital Customer Success podcast as he conducts authentic and in-depth interviews covering a wide range of topics related to building and innovating digital customer success practices. From exploring the latest trends to sharing real-life success stories, each episode offers listeners valuable insights and strategies to revolutionize their approach to customer success in the digital age.

Our top pick: Diversifying and Digitizing Customer Success with Annie Dean of RecastSuccess

7. The Customer Success Channel

Hosted by: Anika Zubair

Where to listen: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts

At Planhat, customer success is a shared responsibility, and host Anika Zubair leads the charge in spreading awareness and aligning companies around their customers. Through engaging conversations with industry leaders, Anika explores essential topics and practical strategies aimed at driving customer success and organizational growth, emphasizing the importance of putting customers at the center of business operations.

Our top pick: How to become the best CSM of the year - Tulasi Ryali, Senior CSM at Siemens

8. CS Insider Podcast

Hosted by: Marcell Debreceni with Greg Copley, Alex Themistos, Adam Howarth

Where to listen: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts

Where to watch: YouTube or TikTok

Gain invaluable insights from customer experience leaders across diverse industries on this insightful podcast. With discussions ranging from sustainability to the metaverse, each episode offers a deep dive into emerging trends and innovative strategies that shape the future of customer experience management.

Our top pick: Age of the Customer & The Power of AI-driven Language w/ Andrew Carothers (Cisco)

9. Practical AI: The Capacity for Good

Hosted by: James Diel

Where to listen: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts

Embark on a journey of discovery with Practical AI: The Capacity for Good, where thought leaders at the intersection of AI automation and customer experience share their insights and real-life stories. From enhancing customer interactions to driving positive societal impact, each episode explores the transformative potential of AI for good, offering listeners a glimpse into the future of technology-driven customer experiences.

Our top pick: How AI Impacts and Scales Customer Success with Ayman Husain, Director of Customer Success, Data, AI, and Advanced Analytics at Microsoft

10. Talk Time with MaxContact

Hosted by: Sean Mclver

Where to listen: Spotify or Apple Podcasts

Where to watch: YouTube

Join the conversation on Talk Time with MaxContact, the ultimate podcast dedicated to exploring the evolving landscape of contact centers. From discussing the latest trends and technologies to sharing practical tips for performance enhancement, each episode features insightful conversations with industry experts aimed at shaping the future of contact center operations.

Our top pick: Achieving a Seamless Customer Experience with Chatbots: Expert Advice from Tim Farrell of Direct Line

11. CSM Practice - The Customer Success Podcast

Hosted by: Irit Eizips

Where to listen: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts

Get inspired by tactical guidance from global experts on enhancing customer retention, upsell revenues, and more on this insightful podcast. With actionable advice and real-life case studies, each episode equips listeners with the tools and strategies needed to drive tangible results and elevate their customer success initiatives.

Our top pick: Strategies for Choosing the Right Customer Success Metrics

12. Video Voyagers: Edge of AI

Hosted by: Audrey Lecker and Richard Benavides

Where to listen: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts

Where to watch: YouTube

Explore the transformative impact of AI and Video Automation on Customer Success with firsthand accounts and expert insights from industry pioneers. From streamlining processes to enhancing customer engagement, each episode offers valuable lessons and practical tips for leveraging AI and video automation to drive success in the digital age.

Our top pick: AI’s Impact on Customer Communication with Rachel Provan, Founder and CEO of Provan Success

13. Conversation with Zendesk

Hosted by: Nicole Saunders

Where to listen: Spotify or Apple Podcasts

Where to watch: YouTube

Discover emerging trends and innovations in customer experience on Conversations with Zendesk, where industry experts discuss topics ranging from messaging channels to AI solutions. With in-depth conversations and expert insights, each episode offers listeners valuable perspectives and actionable strategies for delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Our top pick: Mastering the art of customer success management with LinkedIn’s Erika Tabacniks

14. Getting to Aha! with Darshan Mehta

Hosted by: Darshan Mehta

Where to listen: Spotify or Apple Podcasts

Where to watch: YouTube

Uncover the driving forces behind customer behavior and gain valuable insights for thriving in today's competitive landscape on this insightful podcast. With thought-provoking discussions and expert analysis, each episode offers listeners a deeper understanding of customer motivations and behaviors, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and drive growth.

Our top pick: Why Customers Act the Way They Do with Rebecca Brooks, CEO & Founder of Alter Agents

15. Humans of CX

Hosted by: Garima Gayatri

Where to listen: Spotify or Apple Podcasts

Engage in enlightening conversations with customer experience experts on the Humans of CX podcast, where empathy takes center stage in humanizing the customer experience. From sharing personal stories to discussing industry trends, each episode offers valuable insights and perspectives aimed at fostering deeper connections with customers and driving business success.

Our top pick: From Gen Alpha to Gen Z: How to Tailorr Your CX to Different Generations with Tanish Mathur

Find a trusted companion on your customer success journey

The world of customer success podcasts offers a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for professionals looking to enhance their skills and drive success in their respective fields. With a diverse range of topics, insightful discussions, and expert guests, these podcasts provide listeners with valuable insights, practical advice, and real-life stories that resonate across industries. 

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or just starting in your career, there's something for everyone in the top customer success podcasts. So, grab your headphones, hit play, and embark on a journey of learning, growth, and empowerment with these exceptional podcasts at your fingertips.

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