Create Immersive Buyer Experiences with Flowla and Supademo Integration

Elen Udovichenko
November 8, 2023
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Flowla and Supademo integration

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Empowering buyers to take control of their journey rather than being pushed through the sales stages…

This is what we preach at Flowla. With rich, interactive flows that create smooth and memorable experiences, our clients keep their prospects engaged at every step of the process — from initial contact to close and onboarding.

And we’re happy to take this a step further by teaming up with Supademo to bring interactive product demos to your flows.

An AI-powered interactive demo platform used by companies like Jotform, Mixpanel, and Processmaker, Supademo allows your prospects to experience your product first-hand with a personalized, engaging walk-through.

Let’s explore the new capabilities that come with this integration in more detail.

Explore the benefits of interactive product demos in Flowla

Flowla and Supademo go together like peanut butter and jelly! Interactive product demos complement your visual flows, adding more context to the conversation and enabling buyers to get a taste of your product, prior to a proper product walk-through. 

Interactive demo in a flow

But there are more practical benefits you can get with this integration.

Enhanced buyer experience

Embedding Supademo demos in Flowla flows you can guide prospects through a visually compelling product demonstration while maintaining real-time interaction and communication. This interactive approach can significantly enhance the buyer's journey, while tailoring the demo to their specific needs creates a lasting impression.

Seamless product discovery

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how valuable a live, hands-on demonstration is! By seamlessly incorporating Supademo's interactive product demos into your flows within Flowla, you can not only add a dynamic and visual element to your conversation but also ensure that your prospect gains a comprehensive understanding of your product's value.

Personalized engagement

Embedding interactive demos into your flows allows you to engage potential buyers in a more meaningful and personal manner by addressing their specific needs, answering questions, and providing them with the information they seek. This approach fosters stronger connections and builds trust, making it more likely that prospects will convert into paying customers.

Simplified customer onboarding

This integration supports a smooth transition from the sales phase to user onboarding. By allowing users to move seamlessly from a sales conversation to a product usage, it enables a more efficient and personalized approach to engaging with potential customers, ensuring that new users understand the product's value right from the start.

Over to you

As you can see, the Flowla and Supademo integration can be a real game-changer for SaaS sales and customer success professionals. By embedding interactive demos into your communication flows, you can not just WOW your buyers, but also engage, inform, and convert them more effectively. 

Ready to improve your buyers’ journeys with Flowla and Supademo? Let's chat! You can book a short call here.

Or explore more of our integrations to power up your sales flows with the right tools.

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