New in Flowla: Mutual Action Plans 🤝

Dilara Basaran
July 26, 2023
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Cover design showing the new Mutual Action Plans of Flowla.

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We're thrilled to announce a major product update that will dramatically change you and your customers’ experience with flows.

Here’s a little sneak peak from Erdem where he walks you through the changes.

We're transforming what a flow can do for you: In addition to crafting a perfect step by step narrative with your sales materials, you now can turn a flow into a full shared action plan and collaborate together with your prospect towards success.

What are the new Mutual Action Plans?

It’s very simple.

Stage + Actions + Resources = Mutual Action Plan (MAP)

We are aware that revenue teams have long, drawn-out, complex processes.

So Flowla’s mission is to always provide you with solutions that help make sense of the chaos, both for you and your customers, so your processes can flow, no friction, no confusion.

As a part of this, the improved MAPs essentially help you break down your process into stages, then unite all the related activities, as well as resources that will be needed around those stages to better organize your process, and increase your win rates.

Visualize & speed up your entire process

Revenue teams have their CRMs where they can see at a glance where each stage a customer is, and what awaits them next, and what needs to be done.

For customers, the visibility into their journey with a company is oftentimes not so transparent. This not only affects their confidence in the process, but causes confusion about who needs to do what, and stalls progress.

Clarity promotes action. With Flowla’s MAPs, you can visualize your entire process for your clients with as much granularity as you want, from first touch to onboarding.

Define the stages in the process, all of the actions that need to be completed to be able to move on to the next stage, and neatly store all of the resources they will need under each step for convenience.

Additionally, you can:

  • Assign task owners (company or individual)
  • Set due dates
  • Write instructional notes
  • Add links

and do much more.

Providing this level of clarity not only builds trust and confidence in your clients, but also ensures everyone knows exactly what they need to do, speeding up your processes significantly.

Collaborate with your customers

We know buyers are playing an increasingly more active role in revenue processes, so we’ve expanded what your customers can do on flows.

Now then can:

  • Mark tasks as completed
  • Add more tasks to mutual action plans
  • Assign tasks to each other
  • Upload documents

and more.

This way, they will be more involved in processes, increasing their engagement, ownership, and commitment to the plan.

You can both collaboratively decide and work on the best course of action to finalize your processes.

Let Flowla be the bad cop

Features like task owners and due dates increase accountability and promote action.

But we know in reality, everyone needs a little push - and it is annoying to have to nag people with messages and emails, so we’re saving you the trouble.

Flowla sends reminders to task owners via email & Slack about upcoming and past deadlines, so everyone is right on track and your processes are moving along smoothly.

As for more hands-on team leaders, and those who oversee the processes, you can see:

  • upcoming tasks
  • blockages
  • overdue actions
  • who's stalling the process

at a glance, and apply pressure wherever needed to keep things moving.

Track everything seamlessly

When you have a clearly defined, bird's eye view of your entire process, it becomes a lot easier to stay on top of everything.

We also made it super transparent for you to see how far along each each stage and each process is, how many steps need to be completed, and what need to be done to move on to the next stage.

As a team leader, this will provide you with another layer of info aside from the regular flow insights, enabling you to to forecast even more accurately, and have a crystal clear view into how many deals will be closed and customers will be onboarded by which date.

Check it out yourself

Excited about the new Mutual Action Plans? Join the conversation over on LinkedIn to see how others are planning to utilize them for their teams.

If you'd like to give it a try yourself, here you can log in to your account, or book a quick call to explore how Flowla can transform your business.

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