New in Flowla: Mutual Action Plans 2.0

Dilara Basaran
October 5, 2023
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Creative design highlighting the updated left panel of the Flowla platform against a blue background.

Table of contents

Action items are now on the timeline!

Design with screenshots from a flow, highlighting the changes.

We’ve noticed that a lot of you love how the left panel is like a little summary of the process.

So, we decided to lean more into that overview-like quality of it with this latest update: action items are now individual steps on the timeline.

Our goal is to ensure both you and your clients can see all the tasks required to complete a stage at a glance, without having to go to stage overview. 🔍

As you can see on the image above, each stage will have two groups of steps: contents, and actions

Since each action item will now be an individual flow step, this means you can nest the materials needed to complete that task right inside of that action item.

This will make them a lot more actionable for your stakeholders, because they can complete it right there and then without having to go to another step. ✅

Had a hard time wrapping your head around all this?

Here’s Erdem demonstrating all the changes in a Loom.

What changed & what’s the same?

You will still be able to use all the essential action item features with this change, like:

  • Assigning task owners
  • Setting due dates
  • Adding detailed explanations
  • Changing the completion status of an action.

One addition we’ve made is adding a wider variety of action item types. You can see all the options you will have when creating a new action item on the image below. ⬇

Screenshot from a Flowla action item with different action type options.

💡Note: Since the action items are like regular flow steps now, this means you will have detailed analytics for them on the insights tab, like:

  • Views
  • Engagements
  • Time spent etc.

This way, you can see if and how someone has interacted with an action item, and nudge them more effectively.

Track progress more easily 🔍

Screenshots from Insights and All Flows pages, showing the added progress tracking feature.

We now show flow completion as a percentage, both on flow insights, as well as on the flow card on the ‘all flows’ screen, as you can see on the image above.

This will allow you to see:

  • How far along everything is
  • Which deals are stalling and need a push
  • What processes are about to conclude

at a glance.

You will be able to prioritize you & your team’s tasks more efficiently, and stay on top of all activities with ease.

It will also make it a lot more effortless to forecast for team leaders, since now the data around the progress is quantified.

Wondering how we calculate this? 

It’s based on the number of checked action items/all action items on the flow.

Control who’s in your flow

Image showing how to remove someone from a flow.

Flows are your private workspaces with your stakeholders to collaborate towards success.

Therefore, it only makes sense that you have total control over who has access to them.

A contact is no longer involved in the process?

You can now remove them from your flow with a click.

Viewer session improvements

A view from the new Insights page, with viewer last seen column highlighted.

Now when you go to the “Viewers” tab on Insights, you can see the last seen time of everyone who has viewed your flow, as well as the country flag indicating the location of their last session.

With this change, you can easily track how recently your clients have been active on the flow, which will allow you to:

  • Have more information to gauge their interest level
  • Know how to follow up when you want to give them a nudge
  • Understand which stakeholders are the most involved in a process

and much more.

Excited about all these changes?

Check them out yourself by logging in to your account here, or book a call to explore how Flowla can streamline your processes.

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