Make data-driven decisions.
Sell better.

It's a lot harder to sell if you don't have anything to track.

Flowla provides detailed insights so you understand what's
going on with your prospects & improve your processes.

How do insights help?

Check your hottest flows

See your most active flows at a glance.
Check view numbers, link clicks, shares, comments, and more.

Know all of the stakeholders

See everyone involved in the process.
Know who has viewed your flow on which location, when, and on which device & browser.

Track what converts the most

Track how much time each of your viewers are spending on each step and flow, and see which materials are triggering action.


Pursue the warmest prospects

Check who is more engaged with your flows and prioritize your follow-ups accordingly.

Know what converts

See which material interests your prospects the most and turns them into an opportunity. Improve your outbound by providing more relevant information.

Account Executives

Perfect your follow-ups

Track your buyers' activities and follow up at exactly the right time to close deals more smoothly.

Close more deals

See which deals are more likely to close via flow engagement. Prioritize your pipeline better to close more deals.

Team Leaders

Make more accurate forecasts

Don't rely on the personal opinions of your prospects on which deals are about to close.
Make better projections based on data & insights.

Guide your team better

Lead your team more effectively on which deals to prioritize, and what materials to include in their pitches.

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You are in excellent company


Never miss a single activity

Flowla sends you email and Slack notifications in real time when there is activity on your flows.

Take action immediately, just on time.

We keep information flowing across your tools

We integrate seamlessly with your CRM. No jumping between tabs.
No need to manually sync data.

Ready to evolve your sales process?

Your first 5 flows are free. No credit cards, no commitments.