Boost adoption with a stellar onboarding process

Speed up onboardings and reduce time-to-value
with a smooth, frictionless experience your customers will love.

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Still using spreadsheets and
long email threads to onboard?
The friction is slowing you down.
Send a flow instead.


A single destination
for everything your
new clients need

Don't send your customers on a tedious trip between spreadsheets, Google Drive, and a million other links.

Create a single source of truth in an onboarding portal that unites all their resources.

What materials does Flowla support? ->
A design with a flow cover at the center, with stakeholder photos and content logos floating around.
A flow with flow steps highligted.

Ensure customers confidently
navigate the process

Flowla helps you build a step-by-step onboarding plan that just flows -
like Instagram stories!

Break down your process into digestible stages to help everyone understand where they are in the process, and what they need to do.

Facilitate buy-in and quicker actions.


Get things done with onboarding checklists

Create tasks for every stage of the process with Mutual Action Plans.
Then for each action item:

-> Assign task owners
-> Set due dates
-> Nest relevant materials & links inside the task.

Hold everyone accountable to honor deadlines, and ensure your clients take the actions needed for a successful onboarding.

A screenshot from a flow.
Design highlighting the different capabilities of Flowla's Mutual Action Plans with screenshots from the product.

Track progress effortlessly

Both you & your customers can easily see how far along the onboarding plan is, what’s causing a delay, and who needs to do what at a glance.

Then you can apply pressure where necessary to keep things moving smoothly.

Photo of UserGuiding Co-Founder & CEO Osman against a blue background.
"Our new customers rave about how smooth and easy the onboarding process is with Flowla. They love having everything in a single place. It’s absolutely flawless!"

Osman Koc

Co-Founder + CEO

Keep information flowing across your tools

We integrate seamlessly with your CRM. No jumping between tabs.
No need to manually sync information.

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Ready to take your onboardings
to the next level?

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