How UJJI Onboards Customers in 3 Minutes with Flowla

Elen Udovichenko
11 Jan 2022
5 min read
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UJJI is an AI-powered learning-as-a-service tool that helps scale-ups transform their internal knowledge and processes into engaging, gamified training experiences.

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Before Flowla

  • The whole onboarding process was handled manually, relying mostly on emails that often got lost.
  • It was impossible to measure the efficiency of manual processes.
  • It took days to get the new customer up and running with UJJI.

After Flowla

  • The process is completely automated and frictionless for the customers as well as the team.
  • Flowla provides insights into the processes, making it easy to measure the impact.
  • It takes just a few minutes to get started with the product.

Rafael Guper, Co-founder & COO at UJJI, sat down with us to talk about their experience using Flowla for customer onboarding. Here are the highlights of the conversation with some insights into the use case, based on personal experience of the UJJI team.

First encounter

Like many startups, UJJI grappled with the challenges of manual processes, particularly relying on email exchanges to guide their clients through the onboarding journey. Rafael recalls the pivotal moment when he first encountered Flowla. 

“So we were at that time very much looking into how to into how to onboard our customers more smoothly. And [Flowla] just felt like the best solution for us to jump in on. So I have been using Flowla now for around eight to nine months.”

Meeting Flowla’s founders directly as fellow members of the UK startup ecosystem and establishing deep personal connections with them played a major role in the buying decision. Rafael explains:

"It basically came down to meeting the founders. We were both growing fast in this UK startup environment, and we were just like, hey, your product is awesome. Your product is also awesome. Let's just give it a go and see how we can support each other."

From manual onboarding to a streamlined process with Flowla

As an EdTech company, UJJI understood the importance of seamless onboarding experiences for their clients. However, achieving that wasn't always easy, especially when relying on manual processes, like email exchanges.

"[Our previous process] was pretty manual, to be honest. Essentially, we would provide all of the instructions via email. And as you know, emails can easily get lost. Your customers can essentially not follow exactly what you want them to follow, because if you put a lot of information onto an email, they're always slammed and swamped with other stuff as well."

That's why they implemented Flowla to streamline their onboarding process and ensure a smoother transition for their customers. 

Transitioning from emails to Flowla brought significant improvements to UJJI's onboarding process. Rafael highlights three key benefits of this initiative:

  • Organization: "Flowla provided organization to the buying and onboarding process. Everything was in one place, ensuring that our customers knew exactly what to expect."
  • Efficiency: "Flowla made the process more efficient. We could build flows, duplicate them, and personalize them for each customer, saving time and ensuring consistency."
  • Credibility: "Having a smooth and efficient process enhanced our credibility in the eyes of our customers. They knew we had thought about how to best utilize the solution from day one."

Measurable impact

While quantifying the efficiency of their previous manual processes was challenging, Flowla on the other hand offered a wealth of data and insights into their current processes. So Rafael easily notes a significant reduction in the time it takes to onboard clients since implementing Flowla. 

"Our onboarding process has improved significantly in terms of time to get people up and running on the solution. So essentially, we now say that you can get your teams up and running on UJJI in less than three minutes and the process built within Flowla has helped us deliver on that.”

UJJI's clients have also embraced Flowla seamlessly, thanks to its intuitive interface and seamless integration. In a way, it makes them feel like they're still interacting with UJJI, not a separate solution. This helps UJJI ensure that their clients remain focused on their objectives, rather than getting bogged down by the onboarding process. As Rafael puts it: “The more invisible Flowla can be, the better for us.”

Implementation highlights and favorite features

Implementing Flowla within the UJJI team was a smooth process. Rafael admits that he had to spend some time with their Head of Customer Success & Engagement, but it had nothing to do with the actual product per se. 

“It was more about understanding how our current processes would actually best be delivered across the Flowla features and the solution as a whole. So this was not necessarily to learn how to use Flowla, but how to get our processes to be embedded into the Flowla product if that makes any sense."

When asked about his favorite features of Flowla, Rafael highlights:

  • Assignment of actions: "I love the fact that you can assign actions to specific decision-makers, adding an extra layer of joint responsibility."
  • New editor: "The new editor makes it incredibly easy to input information."
  • Branding personalization: "The branding personalization feature ensures that every digital touchpoint reflects our brand identity."

But overall, Rafael mentions that Flowla is a very synchronized solution that comes together quite nicely.

There were also elements of the product that just made their process even more creative and frictionless, inspiring the UJJI team to make the process even more straightforward to their buyers. 

“So essentially, everything that Flowla brings into the solution today is just adding more and more value to the experience for us. And there is nothing I can think about that could be missing because you just go about building it before we actually can think of anything that's missing.”

Closing remarks

All in all, Flowla has been instrumental in transforming UJJI's onboarding process, providing organization, efficiency, and credibility. By streamlining workflows and enhancing the customer experience, UJJI can focus on what matters most — delivering value to its clients, and doing so in a significantly shorter period of time. 

Are you ready to streamline your onboarding process and elevate your customer experience? Copy and adapt the sample flow from UJJI to get started in no time.

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