Transform complex

sales cycles



into a collaborative journey

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Unite your entire process in one link & wow your buyers

No more chaos and getting lost in email threads.

Bring all stakeholders, materials, and actionsin a single collaborative space.

Jeannine Jure, Account Executive at Remote: "Flowla is a much better way to review information compared to a long email. My prospects love it!"
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Keep deals moving forward with mutual action plans

Collaborate with buyers, set deadlines, assign tasks, and hold everyone accountable with Flowla's mutual action plans.

Speed up processes and handhold everyone towards success.

RevOps Leader of UserGuiding, Joud Ghazal: "With Flowla, our prospects were more engaged and they took action faster. Our win rates increased by 34%."

Know what's happening in your pipeline & make data driven decisions

See which deals your team needs to prioritize, understand what's working in your actions to improve processes, and make more accurate forecasts.

Head of Marketplace at Hiresweet, Mathieu Marseille: "I have total transparency,
my playbook is implemented,
and I can forecast a lot more accurately. It’s a game changer for team leaders."
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An ultimate content library to centralize your assets

Your whole collateral - from documents & media, to calendar links and contract forms - in one place.

Ensure your entire team has access to the most recent versions, and easily share them with clients.

Managing Director of Tooplay, Ozan Kepenek: "For businesses like us who rely
heavily on materials, Flowla is the most seamless way to unite our collateral."

It's time you make it easy
for others to buy from you.

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of B2B buyers say their last purchase was difficult.


of B2B buyers desire
a seller-free experience.


of B2B interactions will happen in digital channels by 2025.


stakeholders on average need to sign off for a deal to close.

How it works?

From cold outreach to onboarding clients

A seamless and polished experience for your buyers,
efficiency and speed for your team.


Collaborate with all your stakeholders in a digital sales room & win 35% more deals.

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Image of Jeannine from Remote.

Revenue Leaders

Keep up with your team's actions, implement playbooks, and forecast more accurately.

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Image of Mathieu from Hiresweet.

CS Managers

From onboarding to QBRs, a single client portal to manage customer relationships.

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Carolina from Ujji.


Stand out from the competition, nurture prospects better and book more meetings.

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Don't take our word for it

Designed to level up
how you sell

Instant notifications

Never miss a single activity. Receive emails & Slack updates, and follow up just in time to move deals toward closing.

Comments and reactions

Unite your conversations. Easily communicate with prospects & discuss the materials and actions right on Flowla.

Mobile optimised

The same easy & polished experience, no matter the device. You and your prospects can work on deals on-the-go.

Keep data flowing
across your tech stack

Image depicting the Salesforce integration.Image depicting the HubSpot integration.

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